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Premium fabric protection available including UV protection
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Here's Why You Should NEVER Let An Ordinary Carpet Cleaner Clean Your Rugs:

Many carpet cleaners claim to be able to clean rugs, but all most of them do, is treat the rugs as if they were carpets!
Some even attempt to clean them right in the home, using the same chemistry they use to clean carpets!


Here's The Problem-

The chemicals that successfully clean 5th generation nylon carpeting, can often damage the more delicate wool and silk fibers found in area rugs... and the heat, pressure and agitation that are often used on carpeting, (which is usually made of nylon, which is a type of plastic) can permanently damage the fibers in a fine rug, changing the appearance and ruining the value!


When you have your rug cleaned by the trained professionals at Khachederian, You get:

The absolute best, most thorough rug wash you’ve ever seen, or it’s FREE! (We couldn't make that guarantee if we weren't the best at what we do.)
Softer, fresher-smelling rugs that are cleaned properly and SAFELY!


All work is performed by skilled craftsmen who are Certified Wool Care Specialists by Wools of New Zealand.
Ask us about our premium protectors, including UV protection.
We are a local company with years of experience and a dedicated rug-washing facility.


Guaranteed pet odor removal.
Free, local pick up and delivery (Covering the entire Golden, CO and surrounding area).
We are a company that is fully insured to Care for your rugs.

Welcome to Khachederian Rug Care

For the very best rug cleaning or rug washing in Golden, choose Khachederian Rug Care! We can help you preserve the value of your fine area rugs and textiles. Area rugs can be expensive and proper care will help them to retain their value and beauty for years to come.
Improper cleaning can damage the fibers through over-aggressive cleaning methods or even chemical degradation!
Proper hand-washing will gently and safely remove the dirt and soil that can cause premature wear and keep your rugs and textiles looking their very best.
Most rugs are brought to our facility because of a problem, ranging from general spots or stains, to pet stains and odor problems... and sometimes color loss or bleeding. We have special processes that can reverse or correct the damage in these situations and can often restore your rug to it's pre-damaged condition.
Occasionally, a rug comes in that is so damaged that it can't be fixed without extensive treatment or without putting the rest of the rug at risk... In these situations, we follow the doctor's creed: "First do no harm."
We Carefully inspect and thoroughly test each and every rug that comes in our shop so that we can give you a realistic idea of what can and can't be accomplished with your rug.
We specialize in restorative cleaning of fine textiles, and preserving the value and appearance of your textile investments. We work on everything from commercially produced, relatively inexpensive rugs, to rare and museum-quality, one-of-a-kind works of art.
We have the training and experience to properly and safely handle all of your textile cleaning needs.


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